FroggyMouth – Votre nouvel outil de rééducation fonctionnelle

Le nouvel outil de rééducation fonctionnelle. Corriger la déglutition atypique, la posture linguale et restaurer une respiration nasale.


Reeducate atypical swallowing, lingual posture and restore nasal breathing

Your new tool of Functional Rehabilitation

Correct atypical swallowing,
lingual posture
and restore nasal breathing.

Your new tool of Functional Rehabilitation. Correct atypical swallowing, lingual posture and restore nasal breathing.

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« At the start of our exercise we are happy to see cases that are evolving perfectly, but later on we are more interested in those cases that do not live up to our expectations. Those are the ones we can learn from. Using functional re-education combined with our treatment gives us a view of the points of friction. »

Dr Fellus 

« You are lucky to see very young children and to diagnose deformations that will only get worse as they grow. While conventional functional re-education cannot be used with very young children, Froggymouth allows you to restore myofunctional balance starting at the age of 4, facilitating eumorphic growth. » 

Dr Fellus

« As a specialist in the manual approach to cranial-facial balancing, Froggymouth will help you make the tongue your ally, given the proximity of the lingual dome to the sphenooccipital joint. Inhibition of the facial nerve and stimulation of trigeminal nerve activity will also provide muscle relaxation in the head and neck. » 

Dr Fellus

« Functional re-education is not limited to orthodontic treatment – 30% of the adult population still has dysfunctional issues. Being able to offer them a light-weight device that is easily accepted over a short period of time is sure to improve the quality of your treatments, whether prosthetic, periodontal or concerning diseases of the TMJ. »

Dr Fellus

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