Correct tongue posture

Restore nasal breathing

Stabilize treatments

15 minutes per day to :

– correct tongue posture 

– restore nasal breathing

– stabilize Your treatments


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On Decembrer 04 & 05, Froggymouth and Dr Fellus will be present at the 20th UNADREO international congress in Paris

Dr Fellus conference title :
"Neurosciences serving orofacial praxes rehabilitation"

Congress theme : "
Neurosensory disorders

Diapositive 1- Copie

On Decembrer 04 & 05, Froggymouth and Dr Fellus will be present at the 20th UNADREO international congress in Paris

Dr Fellus conference title :
"Neurosciences serving orofacial praxes rehabilitation"

Congress theme : "
Neurosensory disorders

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The first anoetic* swallowing rehabilitation device

Froggymouth is the joker of your treatments to restore orofacial balance in just a few weeks. It provides long-lasting correction to tongue posture and restores nasal breathing by totally inhibiting the suck and swallow sequence.

Reeducation with Froggymouth is said to be anoetic because it doesn’t require any cortical participation from the patient.

Designed by Dr Fellus at the Robert Debré Hospital, Froggymouth’s mode of action is based on the work done by Eric Kandel, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2000 for his work on memory. The device is fully produced in France and has CE and FDA certification.

*expressed non-consciously

The domino effect: from swallowing to breathing

If the anatomical environment permits, long-lasting reeducation of the swallowing sequence produces a domino effect that harmonizes the entire orofacial sphere.

The notion of comfort determines the lingual posture between swallowing motions. The lingual position at rest is adjusted in view of repeated elevation during automatic secondary swallowing.

A  correct lingual position in turn encourages nasal breathing. A high posture at rest for the rear section of the tongue alone produces an airtight seal that keeps air from passing through the oral cavity.


The challenge of myofunctional therapy

Orofacial balance is as we know, a transdisciplinary challenge:

poor lingual posture leads to dental deformations as well as speech and language disorders.

The maxillary deformations produced can affect the body’s overall posture.

Mouth breathing can lead to infectious diseases such as recurrent ear infections, as well as chronic diseases, like sleep apnea.


A passive reeducation tool


Froggymouth modifies the patient’s proprioception by inhibiting the suck and swallow sequence. 

It thus enables the creation of new synaptic circuits, which leads to engramming the new praxis in the long-term memory.

No active participation by the patient is required, so we can speak of anoetic reeducation.


Your treatment with Froggymouth


Froggymouth is a tool that is used in addition to your treatment to sustain your reeducation. It can be used once an orofacial disorder has been diagnosed, in children starting at 3-4 years of age, but also in teenagers and adults.

While the therapist’s clinical experience and suitable supplementary exercises are the main components for lasting reeducation, the usage protocole will assist you throughout your Froggymouth treatment.

An inclusive tool: a simple solution for complex cases

Froggymouth does not require any active participation by the patient. It thus makes orofacial praxis reeducation easier in young children and disabled patient for whom functional balance is a major challenge at the origin of decisive social impacts.


Your results are our priority. That is why FroggymouthTM is committed to:

Cooperation is the key to success in functional treatment.

– No need for active participation by the patient
– Daily use limited to 15 minutes
– Average treatment duration of 10 weeks
– No interference with the child’s sleep
– Explanatory materials available for parents

In healthcare, knowledge must be accessible to everyone. That’s why we organize free training sessions during which Dr. Fellus presents his latest work: How does neuroscience help us to better understand how new practices are learned and therefore optimize treatment with FroggyMouth?

Since FroggyMouth was designed, your feedback, particularly relating to complex cases, has helped us develop the necessary flexibility to treat a wide range of patients.

Therefore, we have set up a personalized follow-up service for your complex cases, allowing you to benefit from Dr. Fellus’ expertise and obtain concrete solutions.

For further information, click here.


“As Dr. Patrick Fellus says, every labial dysfunction is accompanied by lingual dysfunction [...]. His use of FroggyMouth to achieve this as well as the results obtained show this to be the case. […] This little device has already earned its place in the therapeutic arsenal of orthodontists and of speech therapists, too.”
Pr. Jean Delaire
“I found myself with an open bite after atypical swallowing. I couldn’t even eat a slice of pizza because of the gap between upper and lower jaw. My orthodontist gave me a little “froggymouth”. And it worked, next consultation she noted that atypical swallowing was eliminated and even the open bite was reducing. Today, I start again to cut foodstuff. The soft method exist!”
“My Myofunctional therapist prescribed a Froggymouth for my daughter. Elena in four and a half and had always the mouth open and with low position of the tongue, outside the mouth. After the first time wearing the appliance, the tongue directly gained back its position. Only two months later, we could see some spectacular improvements: she gave up pacifier (and sucking the thumb), lingual position corrected, and mouth closed … Thanks !”

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