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Practical information

You can order froggymouth sending your information and order to contact@froggymouth.com

Delivery time is 3 to 5 business days in France and 5 to 7 business days abroad.

It is recommended for orthodontists to buy froggymouth themselves and to give it to the patient in the office.

Froggymouth is entirely made in France in keeping with ISO13485 norms, and packed by a local company with social purpose

Froggymouth is made of TPE, thermoplastic elastomer, without latex and phthalate. The device has gone under cytotoxicity tests by European competent autorities

Yes, froggymouth is registered as a Medical device by CE, FDA and SantéCanada. Its production chain respects ISO13485 norms.

Generally, orthodontists include froggymouth in their treatment fees


Froggymouth is a device whose concept is based on the work of Eric Kandel, 2000 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research on short-term and long-term memory. He demonstrated that 10 minutes a day is enough to obtain the desired effects through passive daily use.

First of all, the television captures the patient’s attention, an important factor in passive re-education, but it also maintains the mouth on a horizontal plane.

No, that cannot be done because reading a book, looking at a tablet or doing homework involves a forward tilt to the head. The mouth is not a horizontal plane and the patient will end up drooling.

If a TV is not available in the household or while on vacation, position a laptop or a tablet on a higher surface to keep the mouth on a horizontal plane.

Parents who hesitate to set their child down in front of a “mindless” television program can thus go to YouTube or Netflix and put on a children’s cartoon or an educational program suitable to the child’s age.

Remember, the device is only worn for 15 minutes a day, keeping the amount of time spent in front of a screen to a minimum.

No, Froggymouth respects the children’ sleep

It should be worn for 15 minutes during the daytime, and never at night. Recent scientific studies have shown that, at night, our brain goes back over the motor sequences from the previous day to encode our daytime experiences. In other words, at night we record what we learned during the day.

The blue box is for size S, red for M and purple for L.

All the information you need to choose the right Froggymouth can be found in our size tool.

The average Froggymouth treatment lasts 10 weeks. This duration is given for informational purposes only and will be adjusted by the practitioner depending on how the results evolve. For optimum use, consult the protocol for use or attend a training session.

The first visits should be spaced out approximately every two weeks until an engram is obtained. Once obtained, a monthly visit will do.

The practitioner may decide to terminate treatment when secondary swallowing has become automatic, i.e. when the patient swallows correctly without paying any attention to it. See the stage 4 in the protocol for use.

Froggymouth can be cleaned under cold water using a toothbrush and toothpaste, before and after each use. Dry thoroughly and return to its box.

Do not boil it.

Froggymouth is compatible with all other devices, removable braces, aligners or brackets, for example.

Patient compliance

The parents make sure that the device is worn every day, but they also have an active surveillance mission during the automatization phase.

If you have not received training in the instructions to be given to parents, please consult this section carefully.

Free online training programs are available to practitioners. Check the training tab for further information.

Froggymouth can be used starting at the age of 4 in cases of atypical swallowing.

A stable anatomic environment is the only condition required for using Froggymouth. For example, excessive narrowness of the upper jaw would prevent the tongue from finding a comfortable position against the upper palate.

There are no known side effects caused by wearing Froggymouth.

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