Froggymouth is a (class I) medical device for lingual posture and nasal breathing rehabilitations.

Worn for 15 minutes per day for a few months, it promotes a natural and optimal development of the oral sphere and helps to restore a functional balance.

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Protocols for practitioners

The Protocol for using FroggyMouth by Dr. Dellus is included in each package and will support you with your treatments.

Discover the steps of the FroggyMouth treatment to ensure faster and more stable results:

Step 1: Installing the device

Step 2: Engrammation

Step 3: Automation

Step 4: Subsequent monitoring

Treatment Progress Tracker

The FroggyMouth Treatment Progress Tracker covers swallowing, chewing, dental, articulation, speech, breathing & behavior assessments. 

By incorporating these additional examination questions into your treatment process, you’ll gain valuable insights into your progress and ensure that you’re on track to achieve optimal results. 


Video for practitioners

Each therapist has their own set of exercises that can be used with the FroggyMouth.

Here are the 3 most used by Dr. Patrick Fellus, the creator of the device.


Watch 25 replays of Dentists, Orthodontists & Myofunctional therapists from 12 countries who shared their experience on how to implement anoetic protocols in your current therapeutic strategies & include FroggyMouth with the adapted protocol: https://froggydays.online/replay

Clinical cases

Correction of an incisor open bite in
two months of wearing Froggymouth

Julia, 4 years old – Case treated by Dr. P. Fellus

This four-year-old little girl showed an isolated incisal open bite. She wore the device between 31st of March and 1st of June. The dysmorphic feature continued to spontaneously correct itself, and the result obtained on 11th of October lets us foresee definitive physiological dental occlusion without any orthodontic intervention.

For more clinical cases of Dr Fellus, contact https://www.froggymouth.com/e1/en/clinical-cases/

Froggymouth and Aligners

Michelle, 50 years old – case treated by Dr D. Couchat

Michelle, 50, had an anterior open bite and refused to undergo surgery. She had a wide anterior open bite (5 mm) from canine to canine with maxillary endoalveolia. These two signs testify to the patient’s lingual dysfunctions, notably atypical swallowing, in which an excessive contraction of the buccinator muscles can be observed (causing endoalveolia) along with tongue thrust (leading to the anterior open bite).
The treatment plan had therefore consisted in getting the patient out of the dysmorpho – functional spiral through treatment to rehabilitate swallowing with Froggymouth and correct the anterior open bite by egress of the incisors combined with retraction of the mandibular incisors and molar ingress.
At the end of treatment, the patient’s atypical swallowing was rehabilitated, and the anterior overlap was acceptable. The patient still presents class I occlusion. Bonded wires were placed on both maxillae and regular monitoring is needed to prevent functional relapse functional recidivism.

Correction of an open bite in
3 months of wearing Froggymouth

Male patient, 6 years old – Case treated by Dr. Rafi Romano

A 6-year-old child with an open bite, mouth breathing, and hypotonic facial muscles received treatment at an orthodontic clinic of Dr Rafi Romano. The FroggyMouth was prescribed for 15 minutes per day to strengthen the lip muscles and change the tongue behavior. After three months of using FroggyMouth, the child’s open bite had closed, and the child’s mother reported improved breathing and mouth closure not only during the FroggyMouth sessions but also throughout most of the day. NO additional treatment was used in these 3 months.

Discover the clinical cases of Dr Pietro Manzini, the FroggyMouth Clinical Expert, who treated more than 2000 clinical patients with FroggyMouth

Froggymouth & Invisalign
Class II Open Bite
Cranio-Facial Asymmetry

For more clinical cases of Dr Pietro Manzini, consult: https://froggymouth.it/casi-clinici-dr-pietro-manzini/

Scientific file

A compilation of publications, clinical cases, and studies related to the FroggyMouth concept is presented in a scientific document. This document is accessible in digital format.


The Brochures provide information to patients and/or parents about how to use the FroggyMouth device, which complements the instructions provided verbally by the healthcare professional.

Video for patients

Does your patient have dental deformities or mouth breathing? He is often tired, inattentive? Hyperactive? A posture that is not really straight, a mouth that is frequently open, pinched nostrils

What if all these symptoms could have a common origin?

Show this video to your patients in order to raise awareness about the importance of treating the myofunctional disorders.

How to wear the FroggyMouth?

Communicate the video “How to wear the FroggyMouth?” to the patients to improve their experience, to make them use Froggymouth correctly, and get better results.

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